Scout Shoot

Get ready to embrace the outdoors and ignite your spirit of adventure with TINCUP Whiskey’s exciting scavenger hunt. With a grand prize of $10,000 at stake, TINCUP aims to inspire people to venture outside and explore the beauty of nature.

Dubbed the “Spirit of Adventure,” this thrilling quest revolves around the search for three exclusive, gold-plated versions of TINCUP’s iconic cups that crown their whiskey bottles. However, these prized cups are not found in liquor stores. Instead, each bottle has been carefully hidden in distinct outdoor locations across the country by notable outdoor adventurers: Paulina Dao, an adventure lifestyle photographer; Max Djenohan, a professional primitive survivalist from Naked and Afraid; and Caite Zeliff, a professional skier and paraglider.

Finding three gold cups scattered throughout the vastness of the great outdoors may seem like an impossible task. But if you are fortunate enough to stumble upon one, you will be richly rewarded with a $10,000 finders fee. To assist in the hunt, clues will be periodically released on the company’s Instagram page, guiding participants towards the hidden treasures.

TINCUP Whiskey has launched this nationwide adventure with the aim of encouraging people to venture beyond their backyards and explore the wonders of the world. The #3GoldCups have been strategically concealed in breathtaking locations across the U.S., including Texas, California, and Colorado, beckoning intrepid explorers to uncover their secrets.

Behind the scenes, a talented team has orchestrated this captivating endeavor. Creative Producer and Mastermind, Dan Dawson from Grand Visual, has masterfully brought the concept to life. Director and Bad Joke Teller, Jay Hatcher, guides the hunt with his creative vision. The renowned DP and Tiki Bar Enthusiast, John DeMaio from Islander Studios, captures the essence of the adventure on camera. Producer and Almost Yelp Elite, Kaylin Bergeson, alongside Producer and Always Prompt, Wayne Haddaway, both from Islander Studios, ensure the smooth execution of the project. And lastly, Technical Director and Genius, Jon Jones from Grand Visual, brings his expertise to the table.

Join the TINCUP Spirit of Adventure Scavenger Hunt and let the thrill of exploration guide you to incredible outdoor destinations. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, follow the clues, and uncover the hidden gold cups for a chance to claim the grand prize. Embrace the call of the wild and let the adventure begin.