A woman singing

Early in 2020, I was asked by Jay Hatcher to help him with a music video for a close friend and an organization that has been near and dear to my heart. The person was Caroline Kraddick and the organization was Kidd’s Kids. The foundation was started by Caroline’s late father Kidd Kraddick, who made a name for himself in the Dallas radio market. His foundation Kidd’s Kids, helps bring terminally ill children and their families to Disney World for a week of fun. It’s a fantastic group of people that I have been working with since 2010.

Caroline has become a great asset to the foundation since her father’s death and has a wonderful singing voice, so naturally her instinct is to create a song, and music video, that will become the anthem of the foundation.

Jay Hatcher and I flew to Dallas in January to film a portion of the video on location and then filmed the bulk of the video at AOA in Winter Park.

Project Crew:

  • Jay Hatcher – Director
  • John X. DeMaio – Director of Photography
  • Franklin Whitlach – Cinematographer
  • Dave Allison – Camera/Drone Pilot
  • Jes Van See – Projection/Graphic Artist
  • Japheth Lewis – Producer
  • Trent Staten – Production Manager