On one of my most memorable productions, I had the incredible opportunity to reunite with my talented buddies Joel Malizia and Dave Allison from Pilot Moon Films. They entrusted me with the role of Director of Photography for an image campaign showcasing the renowned company Owens and Minor. Over the course of a week in October, we embarked on a remarkable journey, capturing breathtaking b-roll footage in the picturesque mountains of Georgia.

As we ventured deeper into the heart of Georgia’s scenic landscapes, our cameras diligently documented the essence of this fascinating story.

Our adventure didn’t stop there. Our second location brought us to the intercostal waterway in St. Petersburg, Florida, where we had the privilege of filming at one of the city’s most breathtaking homes.

Working alongside Joel, Dave, and the rest of the talented team, we shared a profound sense of purpose and a passion for storytelling. The collaboration was seamless, and together we brought Owens and Minor’s vision to life, capturing the essence of their story with every frame.

This production holds a special place in my heart, not just for the remarkable locations we explored but also for the incredible bonds we formed. It’s these experiences and the people we share them with that make filmmaking such a rewarding journey.