Keala Settle performing We Go On at Atlantic Dance Hall

Step into the atmospheric Atlantic Dance Hall, nestled along Disney’s BoardWalk at Walt Disney World Resort, where a momentous celebration unfolds. Join Disney Files Magazine Editor Ryan March as he engages in a heartfelt discussion about the enduring spirit of the beloved former EPCOT anthem, “We Go On.” Sharing the stage is the talented stage and screen star Keala Settle, renowned for her unforgettable role in “The Greatest Showman.”

Prepare to be captivated as Keala Settle takes the spotlight, delivering an awe-inspiring performance that will resonate deep within your soul. Accompanied by the illustrious Voices of Liberty, their harmonious voices blend together, creating a symphony of emotions that fills the air. The enchanting melodies are further enhanced by the skillful piano accompaniment of Disney Vacation Club executive Dottie Clendenin, adding a touch of musical brilliance to the captivating production.

Behind the scenes, a team of visionary artists work tirelessly to bring this extraordinary show to life. Guiding the creative direction is the talented director, Jay Hatcher, who weaves together the elements of storytelling, music, and performance into a seamless tapestry of wonder. Leading the charge as the Director of Photography and Editor is skilled Cinematographer and Producer John DeMaio, capturing the magic and essence of every moment with his expert eye and artistic vision.

Behind this seamless production is Islander Studios, a company synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to excellence. Producers Wayne Haddaway and Kaylin Bergeson bring meticulous attention to detail and passion for their craft, they ensure that every aspect of the show is flawlessly executed.