Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

To commemorate the 2022 Collection of Fairy Tale Wedding Bridal Gowns and to honor Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration, the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings 2022 Fashion Show was developed. Hosted by the radiant Katie Stevens, known for her role in Freeform’s “The Bold Type,” this mesmerizing event unfolds in the heart of Magic Kingdom Park, creating a magical setting that befits the occasion.

The runway showcases 25 exquisite wedding dresses, each one inspired by beloved Disney Princesses. From the grace of Tiana to the classic elegance of Snow White and the adventurous spirit of Jasmine, these gowns bring to life the timeless allure of Disney’s iconic characters. With diverse styles, fabrications, and silhouettes, there is a wedding dress to fulfill the dreams and visions of every bride.

Behind the scenes, Islander plays a crucial role, providing production support and post-production services for this grand project. With the expert direction of Disney’s Jay Hatcher, the show comes to life with spectacular visuals crafted by the talented John DeMaio from Islander Studios with the Producing expertise of Wayne Haddaway and Kaylin Bergeson. The magic unfolds with the use of five Red Komodos, capturing the nighttime spectacular in all its glory. Notably, a show-stopping moment features a projection-mapped dress created by the Disney Broadcast Creative Team led by Producer Dana Carlson and Visual Artist Hector Ortiz, adding an extra layer of wonder to the experience.

Prepare to be spellbound as Disney Fairy Tale Weddings presents a showcase like no other. Witness the fusion of fashion, fantasy, and love, as these exquisite wedding gowns transport you to a world of dreams and possibilities. Whether you desire a fairy tale princess-inspired dress or a unique creation that reflects your personal style, the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings 2022 Fashion Show promises to make your wedding vision come true.

Join us as we celebrate love, magic, and the enduring legacy of Walt Disney World during its 50th Anniversary celebration. Experience the elegance, beauty, and artistry of the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings 2022 Fashion Show, a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you inspired and enchanted.