Walt Disney World commemorates its 50th Anniversary with a host of exciting new additions to the parks. Among these cherished treasures is the awe-inspiring Disney Fab 50 Character Collection, a series of golden statues adorning the park, featuring beloved Disney characters that have captured our hearts over the years.

To unveil this extraordinary collection in all its glory, a captivating social media campaign was crafted, introducing a new character each week. Behind the scenes, the talented team at Islander Studios played a vital role, providing production support for the announcement videos that delighted Disney fans worldwide.

Director of Photography John DeMaio skillfully brought each character to life on screen, ensuring that their charm and charisma popped on screen. Supported by the coordination of Producer and Production Manager Kaylin Bergeson and the logistical expertise of Producer Wayne Haddaway, this dynamic team worked in harmony with Disney’s Synergy team under the direction of Cayla Ward to deliver captivating announcement videos that added to the excitement of Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Join us as we pay tribute to the cherished Disney characters that have become an integral part of our lives, and experience the dedication and passion that Islander brings to the production of these captivating announcement videos. Prepare to be captivated by their artistry, as they weave together the elements of storytelling, cinematography, and production, ensuring that each character shines brightly in this monumental celebration.

Celebrate Disney’s 50th Anniversary with the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection and discover the enduring magic that has made Disney a beloved part of our lives for generations.