Big Shot web exclusive featuring Jon Stamos and Lisa Leslie

Join in on the fun as we celebrate Disney+’s newest Original Series, “Big Shot,” with an exhilarating game of HORSE. Watch as John Stamos and Lisa Leslie, icons in their respective fields, come together for an unforgettable showdown at the prestigious ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Directed by John DeMaio and brought to life by the talented team at Islander Studios, this web exclusive promises laughter, excitement, and a touch of magic. With their expert guidance, every moment is expertly captured, ensuring a captivating viewing experience for fans of all ages.

Behind the scenes, producers Wayne Haddaway and Kaylin Bergeson work tirelessly to orchestrate the seamless execution of this exciting and humorous encounter. Their dedication and passion shine through as they bring this unique event to life at Walt Disney World’s Wide World of Sports.

It’s an interesting opportunity to witness the camaraderie, humor, and excitement shared between John Stamos and Lisa Leslie as they showcase their skills on the court. Get ready to be entertained and uplifted by this special web feature, showcasing the enchanting blend of sports and entertainment that only Disney can deliver.