Viewing a shot on a camera monitor

Pilot Moon Films was hired to film several interviews during the Integra conference in Orlando. They hired me to DP the interviews for them. Typically, shooting interviews at a conference leaves much to be desired when it comes to getting creative. Conference rooms always look the same. However, I like the challenge…perhaps that makes me a little crazy?

We were very lucky in this instance because we found a nice little secluded room that had some interesting angles and…wait for it…natural light! We set up two cameras, one locked down and one on a motorized Rhino slider.

It’s always fun working with my friends from Pilot Moon. They both have such great personalities and they make the jobs fun. Plus, they are both incredibly talented.

  • Joel Malizia, Producer
  • Dave Allison, Director/Editor
  • John DeMaio, DP
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