What I Excel at


From large scale productions, to smaller, intimate sets, let me help you bring your vision to life. I like to work on projects from concept to final delivery, so I'm able to assist from pre-visualizations all the way through to color grading.

Post Production

Cinematography and post-production go hand-in-hand for me. I feel as though knowledge of both will help tell a better story. As with Cinematography, I have been working as a post producer/editor since 1997 and I am as comfortable working on a two-hour, 18-camera special for a network, as I am editing an interview for a corporate client.

Media Consulting

If you are struggling to make sense of an upcoming production, or need help with budgeting, my twenty-plus years of experience will help make your life a lot easier. I can talk technical with your vendors, but I also know how to stretch a budget to help get you exactly what you need for the price that you want.

Featured Work